Holiday Inn Montego Bay, Jamaica

Out of all travel destinations in the Caribbean, our favorite so far has been Holiday Inn in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

We enjoyed the warm crystal clear water, clean sand, snorkeling, canoeing, bird-watching, delicious food, reggae music, night entertainment, ocean view with a private balcony and most of all, a relaxing atmosphere, pictures and videos don’t do it justice.

Wi-Fi was working fast on high speed, great for business travelers, conferences, and meetings.

Thank you to entire resort friendly and helpful stuff for an amazing time. We’ll be back and will recommend to our family & friends as the best beach business and pleasure travel destination.

Our New Service: Medical Provider Financial Software Portal Integration

DigiBizMarketing LLC is now providing a new service: secure and copyright compliant financial software portal integration for medical practices, doctor offices and hospitals.

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DigiBizMarketing LLC New Services

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Social Networking For Businesses – 1 Hour Private Coaching Session

Social Networking For Businesses Private 1 Hour Phone /Skype Coaching Session $150, Early Bird $135  Dates: January 24, 31 February 7, 14; Time: 12pm- 1pm

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