Privacy, HIPPA vs Medical Detectives, Save Lives

In a view of healthcare & gov officials wanting to know who sick people went in contact with & people complaining about privacy & HIPPA.

I hope I’m not going to get bombarded for my post.
First my heart goes to all who were effected in any way, to kids, parents, elderly, to healthcare workers specially because they fighting fires on front lines with no protective gear.

Please read, sign, and share a petition: “Help us get Personal Protective Equipment” – Coronavirus Covid19 USA Healthcare Workers

It happened that Ive studied infectious disease and medical nurse first aid civil defense oversees and from what I see we are facing highly contagious virus speeding with exponential rates. It effects lungs even before people show symptoms and for this reason everywhere oversees medical detectives work with public on trying to stop spread so viral stops mutating and being more deadly. One of the measures is to quarantine people who came in contact with sick within 14-24 days incubation period. I know we all feel entitled to our privacy and HIPPA etc but this is not time to argue. Please rather educate yourself, trust med science & med professionals.

‘Straight Talk’: Here Are the 10 Key Things a ‘Medical Detective’ Says About COVID-19. Very informative interview with Osterholm, who refers to himself as a “medical detective” helps oversee the Center for Infectious Disease Research who in in 2017 which predicted a SARS-like virus pandemic. COVID-19 is a SARS

I hope in my post I did not offend anyone. I feel I had to share what I’ve studied many years ago and learned in a past week. Just two weeks ago we went to flower show in Philly and on a way back learn about first US death from covid in Seattle. Everything happens so quickly / we don’t have too much time. Be healthy be safe be kind stay home and help everyone to stay live. 🙏❤️

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