Fundraiser by Steven Malen : Help MyCureAll Combat the Opioid Epidemic!

We are just a month away from our son’s (Dr. Steven Malen) and his good friend’s (Chris) race for a great cause: Help MyCureAll Combat the Opioid Epidemic! We are so proud of you, guys! 

Dr Steven Malen: “My more athletic friend, Chris, and I are running 50km to fundraise to help patients of MyCureAll get insurance coverage! Read our petition and read the comments and you will see why our team is burning the midnight oil every day fighting for this cause”

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Social Networking For Businesses Training

Social Networking For Businesses 1 Hour Training

Thursdays Only. Lunch & Learn 12pm to 1pm.

  • Power of Social Networking
  • User Generated Interactive Dynamic Content
  • Business SM Page Ownership & Development
  • Platforms/Site Integration
  • Drive Fans to your website
  • Monitoring and Optimization.
  • Success metrics, case studies
  • Q & A
Eventbrite - Social Networking For Businesses - 1 Hour Private Coaching Session

Online Hubs and Authorities

DigiBizMarketing goal is to build for each client its own strong online brand – hub,  with dynamic website and professionally developed, fully integrated official social media platforms and authoritative pages, ultimately without relying on any paid ads. Please read more about hubs and authorities on the internet and if …

“F for Fast” How Online Content is Read

Jakob Nielsen 04/17/06 great study based on eyetracking heatmaps analytics, still current and helpful for improving site navigation and design: Any questions or inquires and requests for a quote, please contact DigiBizMarketing:

5 Reasons Why Social Media is Not Working For Your Biz

You did not invest into learning social media marketing skills from reputable school/source or not working with professional social media agency. You’re not authentic. Just like building your brand offline, you gotta be genuine in what you post on social media and reasonable in getting followers. You’re diluting your messages …

WordPress Version 4.9 “Tipton” Release

WordPress Version 4.9, named for jazz musician Billy Tipton, has been released this week, on November, 15th. WordPress 4.9 will smooth your design workflow and keep you safe from coding errors. For more information, please go to For any assistance with WP site update, please contact DigiBizMarketing LLC  

5 Tips To Max on SEO

Comparing to short term SEM Paid Ads (PPC Pay Per Click) Campaigns, SEO Search Engine Optimization is improving site engineering, design, navigation, structure and integrating it with Google which long term helps site to show up in natural or also called organic search results. To maximize your SEO, here are …

“If Google and Facebook can get scammed, how do you protect a small business? “

Some of the rules how to protect your business social media accounts apply to personal and group facebook profiles. From my personal and professional experience, in a past few years the number of spamming, fishing attempts has increased across all digital and social media platforms. Ultimately more efficient anti spyware, …

Set your preferred domain as www or non-www

The preferred domain or sometimes also referred as the canonical domain is the one that you would like to be used to index your site’s pages.  Links may point to your site using both the and The preferred domain is the one you want to show up in …

SEO Site Structure Must Be Search Engine Accessible

As much as we like visual effects, photos and ad banners, often they are not rendered on some internet platforms and more ever they are not accessible by Search Engines. Also, if you recently restructured you site, some pages might show in Google search results as broken links. This all …