5 Tips To Max on SEO

Comparing to short term SEM Paid Ads (PPC Pay Per Click) Campaigns, SEO Search Engine Optimization is improving site engineering, design, navigation, structure and integrating it with Google which long term helps site to show up in natural or also called organic search results.

To maximize your SEO, here are some of the tips:

  1. Choose a domain that easy to read and descriptive in defining your business.
  2. Beef up your site title with info rich keywords that clearly, accurate and very concise describe your business.
  3. Code every page of your site with title, descriptions, keywords reflecting its content.
  4. Name each page sub url easy to read, reflecting page title/content.
  5. Hard code SEO meta tags. No pluginsĀ  and apps can replace professional site review and transforming web analytics data into actionable SEO project.

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