5 Reasons Why Social Media is Not Working For Your Biz

  1. You did not invest into learning social media marketing skills from reputable school/source or not working with professional social media agency.
  2. You’re not authentic. Just like building your brand offline, you gotta be genuine in what you post on social media and reasonable in getting followers.
  3. You’re diluting your messages everywhere trying to take short cuts. Instead, build your own social media brand, earn your fan base and grow from there.
  4. You’re stingy with your content. You’re sharing what benefits you or your cause: your services, products, events. But are you sharing something valuable for your fans like tips, insights, discounts, offers,  your fans are going to want to like and share?
  5. You sell and sell and sell. You’re trying to use social media as your free selling service. Nobody buys it. Instead, remember after all, social media marketing is still marking platform and not sales. It’s intent is to wow your audience with info about your company, product and services. If they see it’s worth it – they will come, you WILL get a message, email or better a live face to face call or meeting. Then it comes to personal sale skills, be prepared it might work or not all, or may be not right away, thank your social media follower for an opportunity and continue grow your brand in a positive professional manner.

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Dina Malen,

Digital Media Marketing Consultant.

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