Welcome to CMS Content Management System WordPress eCommerce with Live Reviews Website

Thanks for your business, feedback, referrals and all the support in past years. I’d like to share with you our new  DigiBizMarketing LLC product – full scope CMS Content Management System WordPress eCommerce with Live Reviews Website.

  • ecommerce site payment credit cards ( MC, VISA, Discover, Amex) secure merchant account backend and pages “store”, “my account”, “my cart”, “my checkout” pages config complete. https://www.digibizmarketing.com/
  • tech specs: e commerce software open source with CMS Wordpess sites, live inventory count, back order notifications, shipping / tax calculations, download counter ( 1)  per payment, accessible for retention and re- targeting customer database, terms legal documents predefined.
  • $.99 cents payment via cc and #1 ppt download available upon payment QA TEST – PASSED.
  • waiting for approval to accept payments (ETA 2-3 days), for now e commerce site in DEMO MODE.

  Please feel free to review, offer your feedback, and contact me with any questions.   If you know anyone who wants to build a full scope CMS ecommerce site: virtual, downloadable  and regularly shipped products, please feel free to refer DigiBizMarketing LLC. ETA CMS + ECOMMERCE website development is ~ 4+ weeks. Only E Commerce part is 2+ weeks. SEO Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, and SMM  Social Media Marketing can be added to any project and will require 6m-12m contract agreement. Full list of services: https://www.digibizmarketing.com/our-services/

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