Shorter URLs – Focus on Titles – More Clicks

You achieved your SEO goal and your business is now showing up in top research results among others including your competitors. Which post is going to get more views and clicks? One of the important cafeterias effecting this is a length of URLs. SEOtipshorterURLs

Based on MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Guide, it was discovered that longer URLs deffer viewers attention from clicking on ads, instead they spent more time trying to decipher what’s in URL itself..

Here is snapshot of eyetracking heatmap how URL length impacts on AdViewing.  Results shows listings with shorter URLs gets more viewing than longer URLs.

By keeping the URLs keyword targeted, concise, and shorter, the focus remains on the title of your listing and  therefore articles get more viewing and clicks.

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Dina Malen

DigiBizMarketing LLC

Digital Media Marketing Consultant


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