Digital Marketing Project Cornerstones and Scope

Digital Marketing Strategy (short and long-term) and Marketing Plan are two main cornerstones of any digital marketing project. Its full scope is: Determine Budget Perform Market Research Build Audience Technographic Profile Define what digital marketing tools and   platforms to utilize. Compare and present direct and third – party pricing, …

Information about DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO services.

DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO services include: 1. Utilize Digital Strategy Concepts and transform Web Analytics Data Reporting Tools into actionable Search Engine Optimization project with a goal to improve search results. 2. Review and follow webmaster guidelines: a) design/content, b) technical and c) quality. 3. Install Google Web Analytics and perform …

WordPress Roles Concept

WordPress roles concept is a great and important CMS Content Management System tool enabling WP Owner Administrator (Admin) to add other users to website content management team and to designate to them functions, capabilities, and limitations by assigning to them roles such as a contributor, author, editor and admin. If …

Related Posts

“Related Posts” shows additional relevant links from your site under your posts. In WordPress, If the feature is enabled , links appear underneath your Sharing Buttons and Likes (if you’ve turned these on). The Related Posts feature scans all of your posts, analyzes them, and lets you show contextual …

Is your website mobile friendly?

Your business’s website instant optimization for mobile devices is a MUST, knowing that smartphones and tablets have become more popular ways to communicate, research, access and share data: Good news, if your site is developed in WordPress, it has capability for turning on instant mobile website optimization functions. No …

WP CMS Website Customers Review Integration

WP CMS Website Customers Review Integration allows your visitors to leave business / product reviews. Testimonials are in Microdata / Microformat and may display star ratings in search results. Please see an example and if interested for your website, please contact me. Thank you, Dina Malen DigiBizMarketing LLC

‎DigiBizMarketingLLC‬ New Service Update

Website hosting and up to 2 business email inboxes set up and support will be included to clients using DigiBizMarketing LLC CMS website development, hosting, and maintenance services. Limited Offer. Please email or call for a quote and details.

Business Ads Alert

Advertisements directly by Digibizmarketing LLC clients, website’s registered users, as well as fans/followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter will be allowed in this group on Fridays, starting tomorrow May 27, 2016

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