Is your Business Google Map Listing secure?

As soon as you register your business in reliable commercial databases, Google seeds your business local map listing. When it’s indexed, business can claim it for free, edit  information, add photos/videos, view/reply to reviews. Because this is all part of a Google crowdsoursing project, your customers are also able to submit to Google information about business. Unfortunately, some skilled users, competitors, hackers, try to bend the rules, hack into listing, beef it up with a misleading information, faked reviews, sometimes even steal listings, change sites URL’s to third party commercial ordering services/booking sites and funnel charges/commissions.

If you have not claimed your google listing yet, I’d recommend you do it yourself right away or hire internet consultant. As a registered Google Map Local Listing Page Owner, if there are any attempts to make any incorrect changes to your page or transfer an ownership by hackers, you will be notified right away and will have a full control in taking necessary actions.

Any questions or inquiries about Google Map Listing evaluation, management, and internet consulting service by DigiBizMarketing LLC, please submit an online form.

Dina Malen

DigitBizMarketing LLC

Digital Media Marketing Consultant



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