Google Web Analytics

Based on Q2 2014 Forrester Wave™ Web Analytics platforms evaluation, Google continues  to stand out as a strong performer. WebAnaForrester

Google Analytics offers a significant amount of data and functionality at a compelling price: free. Google cut through the overwhelming complexity of some of the larger platforms and added back only the most useful features is based on a solid understanding of user-centered design.

It’s still best suited for small and medium businesses with straightforward data needs and as a secondary tool for organizations that manage a significant AdWords spend.

DigiBizMarketing LLC uses Google Analytics as a part of Search Engine Optimization,  Google Integration, Digital Strategy, and Online Reporting projects.

Google Analytics gives our clients insights into their website traffic overview and its sources, keywords study, conversion statistics, audience, acquisition, behavior and overall marketing effectiveness analysis.

It’s such an eyeopener and proven number one tool for businesses looking to develop digital strategy, get ahead of their competitors and place into top search results.

If you would like to get more information about DigitBizMarketing LLC Web Analytics services, please call or submit an online form.

Dina Malen

DigiBizMarketing LLC

Digital Media Marketing Consultant



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