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DigiBizMarketing LLC added a new service WP Site Security:

Digibizmarketing LLC added a new service WP Site Security: Blocking malicious login attempts, spam In one case: 19k site logins and 37k spam attempts blocked. Please contact DigiBizMarketing LLC if you need to boost your site security.

SEO Site Structure Must Be Search Engine Accessible

As much as we like visual effects, photos and ad banners, often they are not rendered on some internet platforms and more ever they are not accessible by Search Engines. Also, if you recently restructured you site, some pages might show in Google search results as broken links. This all …

SEO Site Crawl Errors

One of the important SEO steps is to check that your site in general and all internal URLs and directories have no crawl errors and accessible by Googlebot.                                 For inquires about DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO …

Google SEO WebMasters Tools

Some of the initial SEO steps to improve website quality, search results, and ultimately Google Page Rank are achieved with utilizing  powerful Google Webmasters Tools.                                        

DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO Services

DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO services include: 1. Utilize Digital Strategy Concepts and transform Web Analytics Data Reporting Tools into actionable SEO project. 2. Review and follow webmaster guidelines:  a) design/content, b) technical and c) quality guidelines. 3. Install Google Web Analytics and perform a keyword research. 4. Provide, Install, Test, and …

Beware of recent social media tech support scams.

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of posts and questions in my networks about social media tech support scams. In addition to this,  I’ve become aware that pretend marketing consulting companies making cold calls and trying to take advantage of easy found information about businesses on social media. If you get …

4 Site Search Troubleshooting Tips

Your website is not doing well in Google Search? Follow these 4 troubleshooting steps: 1. Check that your site is in the Google index Do a site: search for its entire URL. Google, Don’t include a space between the site: operator and your domain name. If your site is …

Protect your website and emails.

Website activity and security report:  thousands blocked malicious login attempts, email and spam comments. Protect your website and email addresses on your site by hiding them from spambots and using encoding methods. Any questions, need to boost your site/email security ? Please contact me. Thank you, Dina Malen Digibizmarketing LLC