Main SEO Quantitative and Qualitative Google Web Analytics Metrics

Web Analytics is a fascinating tool enabling marketers to better connect business and readers/customers.

In my study and work practice, I’ve used Unica, Omniture and most of all Google Web Analytics, which have their own benefits, level of customization, conversion, and clustering analysis, but in general they provide main quantitative and qualitative metrics that tell us who, how gets to the site, what pages users are looking at, why they are leaving and all together these statistical reports can be turned into actionable digital marketing SEO strategies that help us make sites more informative plus easier found and navigate.

1. Audience New (Unique) vs Returning Users

2. Acquisition All Traffic; By Channels: Organic Search, Direct Search, Social, Referrals; and By Sources/Keywords.

3. User Behavior Top Pageviews,  Bounce Rate,  Exit Pages

4. For E- Commerce Sites: Conversions.

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Dina Malen

Digital Media Marketing Consultant.

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