How to create a WOW effect in Digital Marketing?

In Digital Marketing, we face a challenge to create a WOW effect all the time with how we attract clients, customers, partners, and all together our online audience. It starts with  market research and learning what our audience likes, when and how. Next step is developing a digital strategy and digital platforms enabling customers to FIND it, LIKE it and BUY it. I have noticed a significant similarity between online marketing and dating. It naturally progresses from the first sight WOW effect, then developing trust, respect, dignity, quality and at the end long term relationships and marriage which we in digital marketing call final sell- that brings together businesses and customers.

Please post here your best practices, comments, case studies and tips how you WOW YOUR AUDIENCE and how you GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Thanks for networking,

Dina Malen

DigiBizMarketing LLC President

Digital Marketing/Social Media Consultant and Coach

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