Digital Strategy ” Manga To Go”

Once we’ve built the consumer profile of Japan audience and learned about their preferred methods of communication, we were able to select several digital marketing tools and platforms for our final NYU Digital Strategy Course project.

Next step was to select the product. I choose ” Manga” – popular in Japan cartoons and comics. Because people in Japan mostly communicated by using smart cell phones, I named my project ” Manga- To Go”.

Finally we needed to build our digital strategy for our marketing plan, budget 10,000$.

Here are some key points and fully described project in attached link.

Platforms: a laptop and mobile phone with Bluetooth standard.

Tools: SMS, MMS, Social Networking Service– Mixi, Blog/Vlog.

1. To build up an audience will use Bluetooth standard to send: ALERT -a preview to a newly released manga (book or video content) and visit iManga site to download”. (Pay by story/book/video or monthly fee) 0-3 month/no cost

2. To reengage and expand the audience will send a text message using SMS (Short Message System):

“Visit our iManga site, share with your friend at Mixi and buy one get one free”

(.50 per SMS). 3-6 month/$5,000.00.

 3. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) will be used to attach a newly released manga preview ($1.00 per MMS). 3-6 month/$5000.00.

4.”Send Link to a Friend” (P2P) function on iManga site will be used to expand an audience list. Utilize mixi-most popular social networking tool in Japan- SNS (social network service) at no cost/ 0-12 month

5. “Rate Video”, “Leave a comment” functions will be used as a collaborative filtering. 0-12 month/no cost.

6. Use Blog/Vlog (UGC- user generated content) to understand users’ interests.

0-12 month/part of company’s site, no additional cost.

7 “Register to the site” will be used to optimize users interface. 0-12 month/ part of company’s site, no additional cost.

8. Email can be used as a post launch campaign to send newly released alerts to an established audience. 6-12 month/cost is $0.03 per email, will offset by rev generated from pre-launch Bluetooth and launch SMS/MMS campaigns.

9. Web analytics will be used to analyze consumers’ behavior and connect supply with demand. 0-12 month/no cost.

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Digital Strategy Final Project

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