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DigiBizMarketing SEO Search Engine Optimization Tutorial has been written for teaching Continued Education Courses in our local community school and was very well received by our students.

This SEO Presentation is based on Google search optimization and web analytics studies and serves as foundation and guidelines to DigiBizMarketing LLC SEO services. Our focus is working with clients on improving their long term online and social media presence, optimizing website and organic search results and decreasing dependence on paid advertisements.

SEO Tutorial Presentation is available now for purchase and download online anywhere worldwide:

In this SEO you will find following information and resources on how:

1. Utilize Digital Strategy Concepts and transform Web Analytics Data Reporting Tools into actionable SEO project.
2. Review and follow webmaster guidelines:  a) design/content, b) technical and c) quality guidelines.

3. Install Google Web Analytics and perform a keyword research.
4. Provide, Install, Test, and Monitor on a monthly basis SEO coding into all pages of the website.
5. Develop online data reporting tools and submit statistics  for each month end.
6. Create a useful, information-rich, content driven and robust site.

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